Friday, June 8, 2012

Sanibel's Shared Use Path Survey Results

 At the May 18th Sanibel City Council meeting, City Manager Judie Zimomra presented the shared use path survey results.  Click here to read the full report. This important survey was called for in the City's 2009 Shared Use Path Master Plan, as a follow-up to the survey conducted in 2006, and was conducted to be comparable between the two surveys.  There are lots of interesting findings, but to highlight just a few:
  • During the survey period (2 days/4 hour periods each at 7 locations) a total of 4,650 bikes and 1,361 pedestrians were counted.  This represents an increase of 56% in cyclists and 77% in pedestrians as compared to 2006.  
  • Over this period, the share of pedestrians on the path increased from 20% of path users to 22%.  The percentage of rental bikes on the path increased by 49%.  
  • The percentage of helmet use remained flat at approximately 38% between 2006 and 2012.
Clearly, Sanibel's shared-use path is popular and well-used by both residents and visitors, whether they're walking or cycling.  Kudos to the City of Sanibel for conducting this important survey and to the Sanibel Bicycle Club for providing the volunteers to conduct the survey.

Link to the full report.
Click here for the June 8th Island Reporter story:  Bike path usage rises

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