Saturday, December 11, 2010

Bill Spikowski’s Presentation to the MPO Board: “An Integrated Transit Network for Lee County”

Background: At the November MPO Board meeting, BikeWalkLee suggested that the board begin a discussion on rail and its potential place in a future Lee County transit network, and Chairman Judah asked for Bill Spikowski to make a presentation at the Dec. 8th meeting.

Bill’s Dec. 8th presentation looked at the different modes of transit and their applicability to the different parts of our community. The key is to have an integrated transit system. He suggested that the update of the LRTP needs a broader vision of a transit plan and the board needs to give staff direction to make sure that happens. He recommended that a key step for moving forward was for Lee County to become the landlord of the Seminole Gulf rail right-of-way. Click here for the NBC-2 story.

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