Saturday, June 19, 2010

Update on Lee Plan EAR

New Horizon 2035 explores public input

Nine public workshops held throughout unincorporated Lee County in April and May delivered lively comments about the quality of life in unincorporated Lee County – ideas about neighborhoods, roads, shopping, recreation, public service and much more. As part of New Horizon 2035, the staff of the Lee Planning Division is now reviewing those comments along with input from state and local agencies, the Smart Growth Committee and the Local Planning Agency (LPA).

This effort will lead staff and citizens through a comprehensive review of the Lee Plan to identify the most important issues and opportunities for planned growth through 2035. Emerging ideas include delineating between urban, suburban and rural areas to prevent sprawl; and more fully exploring mixed-use neighborhoods and activity centers along transportation hubs. “Green” topics, including energy-efficiency and preservation of natural resources are also being explored. Connecting neighborhoods to parks, blueways and trails, and preserving community character are also recurring themes.

This information has been summarized into a report for review by the Board of County Commissioners on June 22, and the Florida Department of Community Affairs. Residents and business owners will have additional opportunities to review this report through another round of workshops and through our New Horizon 2035 Web site. Go to the DCD website to read detailed comments from the workshops and to submit your own ideas and comments.

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