Friday, April 30, 2010

Updated bike/ped crash data and map

The 2009 preliminary crash data is now available, which we are analyzing. Note that 15 pedestrian (vs. 14 in 2008) and 2 bicycle (vs. 5 in 2008) fatalities occurred in 2009. In total, the number of fatalities was down slightly from 19 to 17. In total, there were 141 pedestrian and 165 bicycle crashes. Overall, the share of all traffic fatalities in Lee County that were bike/ped was 24%, up slightly from the 2007-2008 share of 23%, compared to the national figure of 13%. Stay tuned for more analysis to come.

We have also posted a GIS map of the bike/ped crashes in Lee County (2000-2009), which identifies the fatalities separately. This map is being prepared as part of the MPO countywide master plan. Click here to see where the "hot spots" are in our county.

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