Thursday, April 8, 2010

BikeWalkLee's ongoing government interactions

BikeWalkLee steering group members have been busy attending the various MPO and county advisory committees to speak on behalf of bike/ped/transit issues. During March, there were two joint MPO meetings: one with Lee & Collier County MPO Boards and the other with Lee & Charlotte County MPO Boards. Both of these meetings allowed BWL to talk about the need for seamless bike/ped facilities on the Burnt Store Rd. corridor, the need for incorporating mass transit in the Babcock development project, and the need for the rail corridor study to address the connections for all users. We also encouraged both Collier & Charlotte to follow the Lee MPO's lead on adopting a complete streets accommodations policy, and embracing Secretary LaHood's new USDOT Policy Statement on bike/ped accommodations. We also suggested that there were immediate steps that the counties (including Lee) could take to improve safety for cyclists and pedestrians, such as posting signs that indicate cyclists' right to the road.

This week we met with the County Manager to discuss implementation of the County's Complete Streets Resolution, and we are pleased with her commitment to making complete streets a reality in Lee County. Next week we meet with the Tourist Development Director to discuss their involvement in these efforts.

BikeWalkLee has started giving presentations to some of our partner organizations about the coalition, its work, and the concept of complete streets. Thanks to the Sanibel Bicycle Club for being the "test run" on Monday for our new PowerPoint presentation. Next week, we make a presentation to the Caloosa Riders. If your group is interested in such a presentation, please contact me:

Thanks to BWL team members Dan, Margaret, Bert, Steve, Ken, and Kate for being part of these efforts!

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