Monday, January 20, 2014

Volunteers needed for bike valet at ArtFest, Feb. 1 and 2

BikeWalkLee is recruiting volunteers to staff the bike valet at the ArtFest Feb.1-2  in downtown Fort Myers.  It's going to be a fun event so go online now and sign-up now.  Thanks!!
Just like last year, Florida's Premier Art Festival, ArtFest along the waterfront in downtown Fort Myers, is promoting biking (and kayaking!) to this fun 2-day event.  BikeWalkLee has teamed up with the Healthy Lee Coalition to provide free bike valet parking services.  

This year there will be two bike valet spots, one staffed by BikeWalkLee volunteers and the other staffed by Healthy Lee volunteers.  There will be 2 shifts a day (4-hour shifts), with 3 volunteers on each shift for each of the two valet spots. [In total, they need 24 volunteers--12 for the BWL-staffed valet spot and 12 for the Healthy Lee spot.] You'll get a free festival t-shirt, volunteer parking is available (in case you can't bike to event).

The online sign-up system is now available and we need YOU to  volunteer to help us staff the bike valet.  How's how to sign up:
 Go to

This is 2013 map..check registration to find valet locations this year.
  • First step is to Register creating a Username and Password.  
  • Click "next" at the bottom of the page.
  • The next page has a box that asks--do you have a "join code"? and type into this box: BikeWalkLee--THIS IS CRITICAL STEP
  • Click "next"
  • it asks if you're adult or teen and say adult
  • then set-up your account by filling out the profile form with all your contact info as requested.
  • NOTE: if you volunteered last year, you are already registered, so choose the box on left hand side and input your user name and password.  It will then take you directly to the next step.
  • Click "next" to show all the available jobs
  • Scroll down to the day and time (morning or afternoon) that you're interested in volunteering and you'll see a job called "Bike Valet" (with BikeWalkLee in small letters on the top).  Click the BikeWalkLee option to sign up and it will show you that you've signed up for that shift (if there are still openings available)
  • Note that the Bike Valet option appears four times in the list--Feb.1st morning and afternoon and; Feb. 2nd morning and afternoon shifts, so be sure to pick the shift you're looking for.
  • If you can't see the Bike Valet positions then you didn't enter the Join Code earlier (if that happens just click on the Your Account button in the header area and add the Join Code). 
  • There are 2 shifts each day with 6 available spots per shift (to be split between the 2 valet spots). The system automatically "counts down" so when the shift is full it says Full or something like that.
  • As soon as you've signed up online, you'll get an automatic e-mail that confirms yours assignment and provides you with additional information about attire, parking, etc.
If you have any difficulties signing up online, contact Jeanne Seehaver, the ArtFest Volunteer Coordinator. 

For all the information visit and click on Maps and Directions. Now spread the word to your friends, encouraging them to bike to this fun event.  See you there!

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