Sunday, January 26, 2014

BikeWalkLee's 2014 Priorities

As BikeWalkLee issues its 2013 annual accomplishments report, it is also identifying its top priorities for 2014 and putting them in the context of our larger vision and goals.

BWL Steering Group Jan. strategic planning meeting
BikeWalkLee's priorities for 2014 focus on four key areas: Integrated planning; quality of life, transit, and safety.  As part of each of these themes, we've identified 2-3 key actions that need to be taken in 2014 by our elected officials and local agencies.  These include: 

Integrated Planning:
  • BoCC adoption of the 2035 Horizon Plan comp plan amendments, consistent with the EAR.
  • MPO Board selection of a land use scenario option that supports a balanced multi-modal 2040 LRTP.
  • BoCC adoption of the County's proposed Sustainability Plan.
Quality of Life:
  • BoCC review and reinstatement of funding for infrastructure through impact and/or mobility fees.
  • Incorporation of bike tourism in economic development strategies by county, municipal, and state agencies and officials.
  • BoCC adequate funding of transit, including restoration of evening and weekend service cuts, improvements in the Route 60 line, and no further transit budget cuts in 2015.
  • Continuation of the LinC bus line connecting Lee and Collier Counties through shared funding by BoCC, the City of Bonita Springs, and Collier County, with MPO Board and FDOT support.
  • MPO Board, each jurisdiction, local law enforcement officials, and other stakeholder agencies and groups make implementation of the MPO's Bicycle Pedestrian Safety Action Plan a top priority.
  • Local law enforcement leaders and other stakeholder agencies and leaders, convened by the MPO, launch a countywide enforcement and education campaign in 2014.
  • Lee Legislative Delegation support for state legislation to strengthen a ban on texting while driving by making it a primary offense; strengthen hit-and-run laws, and oppose efforts to raise speed limits.
Click here to read the 2013 Accomplishments Report (which also includes the 2014 priorities).

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