Thursday, March 10, 2011

AARP and Livable Communities

Secretary LaHood's Blog, FastLane, on March 10th, focused on AARP (one of BikeWalkLee's supporter organizations) and their partnerships for safety and livability. Here's an excerpt: "In addition to safety, another focus that DOT and AARP share is a commitment to creating more livable communities in all parts of our country, including urban, suburban and rural neighborhoods. DOT is working to increase pedestrian and public transportation options. And this benefits everyone, from senior citizens using wheelchairs, to parents pushing strollers down the sidewalk, to kids riding their bikes. Livable communities are crucial to ensuring that folks can visit with friends or access social services and medical care. In short, they allow people to keep their independence and mobility as they get older."

Watch the excellent AARP video, "Inside E Street: Walk on the Safe Side":

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