Friday, March 31, 2017

Annual 31-story stair-climb fundraiser good exercise for all

Florida Weekly 'Outdoors' column, 3/29/17 

Dan Moser
If you want to get the most out of your exercise time, consider incorporating gravity into the mix. Running or walking up the span of the Edison Bridge between downtown and North Fort Myers, using stationary stair-climbing exercise equipment or climbing stairs are the best ways to do that.

The extra resistance means more energy is required to cover the same distance as when running or walking on flat surfaces. Additional muscles will be used, including those in your body’s core.

An event to maximize your fitness level is this year’s Fight for Air Stair Climb Challenge.

On Saturday, April 29, the local chapter of the American Lung Association hosts the annual event at the Oasis Towers, near downtown Fort Myers. Participants will climb 31 flights of stairs then enjoy post-climb activities poolside, overlooking the Caloosahatchee River and downtown. Proceeds from the fundraising event benefit lung disease research and Florida’s asthma camp for kids.

Don’t be scared off by the misperception that climbing 31 stories is too difficult and beyond the average person’s ability. Consider this: the fastest climber completes the climb in just over two minutes; folks who are relatively fit average anywhere between four eat and 12 minutes; and even those dealing with asthma and other conditions ot that rob one’s lungs of air are able to complete the 31-story climb. Anyone who’s run or walked a 5K and other similar distances will be able to finish in significantly less time than it would take to complete that distance — but with similar health benefits. How fast you go is up to you. Climbers are sent off individually with a gap between each but there’s plenty of room to be passed if you want to go slow or to pass others.

Along with training on bridges, other stairways and stair-stepper machines, anyone who registers as a participant can use the Oasis Towers stairs each Saturday morning until event day. For those who would like to test the waters before committing to raising $100, the Saturday invitation is open one time before one must needing register and pledge to raise the money. Simply show up and climb. For more information, see

Advocacy update

In this legislative session bills have been filed in the house (HB1375) and senate (SB1374) that would eliminate specialty license plates, which provide money to nonprofits around the state. The bills call for eliminating the plates; instead, a small decal would be added on a standard license plate. Among the 128 or so specialty tags is the Share the Road tag, which benefits Florida Bicycle Association and Bike Florida, two nonprofit organizations that use the revenue to educate and build awareness for bike/ ped causes, and represent a significant income source for both.

The revenue generated by specialty tags provides funds to the state well above the cost of administering the program. If adopted, besides the loss of revenue to nonprofits and the state, there would be costs to the state of replacing every specialty tag with a standard plate. If you subscribe to a specialty tag and this concerns you, see to look at the data and proposed bills. As well, contact your elected officials. ¦

- Dan Moser is a long-time bicycle/pedestrian advocate and traffic safety professional who cycles, runs and walks regularly for transportation, recreation and fitness. Contact him at and 334-6417. 

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