Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Cape Receives $1.8 Million SUN Trail Grant to Design Multi-Use Trail in North Cape

Vision of Florida interconnected trail system
The City of Cape Coral announced today that it has received an $1.8 million FDOT grant to design a multi-use bicycle and pedestrian trail in North Cape Coral along Kismet Parkway. The trail will be part of the Florida SUNTrail, a statewide system of paved multi-use trails for bicyclists and pedestrians, physically separated from vehicular traffic.

The new trail will be a welcome addition to the existing bike/ped facilities in the Cape, in particular for residents of the Northern parts of the city. It will expand the opportunities for safe outdoor exercise and recreation in the area.

The trail will eventually connect Cape Coral to the statewide SUN Trail network of bicycle pedestrian trails, enhancing the city's profile as a tourist destination and its image as a bike/pedestrian friendly community.

BikeWalkLee was an early supporter of SUN Trail and has submitted letters of support. Our annual letter to the Lee Legislative Delegation for the past four years has made bike tourism and the statewide network of bike/ped paths, now called SUN Trail, one of our top priorities. Congratulations to the City of Cape Coral and the volunteers of Cape Coral Bike Ped who have been instrumental in this grant application.

From the 10/12 Cape Coral press release:
‘The City of Cape Coral has received a $1.8 million grant from the Florida Department of Transportation for the preliminary engineering and design of a multi-use trail along Kismet Parkway in the north Cape. The Cape's individual trail project was one of 45 projects to receive funding for bicycle and pedestrian trail expansion in Florida through the new Shared Use Nonmotorized (SUN) Trail Program. FDOT awarded $44.4 million in statewide grants in the first year of the program.

"Cape Coral continues to achieve success in obtaining grant funds to help with our goal of expanding bicycle and pedestrian opportunities throughout the city," said Connie Barron, Public Affairs Manager for the City. "This project along Kismet Parkway will provide a signature destination for recreational activity in the north Cape."

The multi-use trail will be on the north side of Kismet Parkway from Del Prado Boulevard west to El Dorado Boulevard, and passing by the City's future Festival Park. The trail will continue on the west side of El Dorado south to Van Buren Parkway, and then on the north side of Van Buren Parkway west to Burnt Store Road. The 12-foot-wide trail spans about seven miles and potentially could include exercise components similar to the linear park along Del Prado Boulevard.

The Cape Coral Bike-Ped group was instrumental in the successful application for grant funding from the SUN Trail Program. The volunteer group continues to work in partnership with the City to advance the goal of developing a bicycle and pedestrian friendly Cape Coral.

Lee Co. segment of SW Coastal Regional Trail
From the 10/11 FDOT press release:

‘All of the selected projects are in the identified SUN Trail network, which consists of the developing statewide system of paved multi-use trails for bicyclists and pedestrians, physically separated from vehicular traffic.

FDOT Secretary Jim Boxold said, “This initial SUN Trail funding will provide safer opportunities for bicyclists and pedestrians, advance the completion of the state trail system and enhance the state’s partnership with local communities throughout Florida.”

Twenty-two of the funded projects help to advance two major regional trails systems selected as priorities by the Florida Greenways and Trails Council. Five of these are part of the Coast to Coast Connector, a 250-mile trail system linking the Gulf and Atlantic coasts through Central Florida, and 17 are part of the St. Johns River Sea Loop, a 270-mile trail system that will link together several communities including St. Augustine, Daytona Beach, Titusville, DeLand and Palatka. 23 projects are for individual trail segments throughout the rest of the state.

The SUN Trail Program was established during the 2015 legislative session. More information about the program can be found at’

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