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Moser Column: You need FBA and FBA needs you

Dan Moser's column this week announces his departure as Florida Bicycle Association's Program Director. Thanks to Dan for his hard work on statewide bike/ped safety issues on behalf of FBA over the past 16 years!  He will continue to be involved on the state level as a member of FBA's advisory board, and he encourages everyone to join FBA.

Dan Moser
Change is often difficult, even when necessary and appropriate. It’s more so when the change involves something that’s been so much a part of one’s life. I’m dealing with such a change now, both on a personal level and for the organization I’ve been part of for many years.
In 1998 I was invited to join the Florida Bicycle Association board of directors, an easy decision for what I considered a logical progression of my local bicycle and pedestrian advocacy work. The organization that represents all of Florida’s cyclists — including the many visitors to our state — had just reorganized after disbanding in 1995. It was a reincarnation that, unfortunately, came about because of a tragedy in which a distracted driver ran down six cyclists, resulting in two deaths and forever changing the lives of the others. This tragic event and ensuing miscarriage of justice generated enough outrage and energy to bring back some of the original organizers along with new faces, myself included.
After a decade of serving on the board I moved into the staff position of programs director, a role that eventually expanded to include membership management. As of the end of this month I’ll be leaving my position but will join the advisory board. It’s a decision that was difficult, but necessary and appropriate. It’s sometimes been quite challenging but always exceptionally rewarding being so deeply involved with this nonprofit organization. I encourage everyone to join FBA ( in order to help support the hard and expensive work of educating the public and advocating for so many people. It’s an understatement to say that it’s an uphill battle for this relatively small group of dedicated individuals and the members who support the cause.
Besides my resignation, two other key people have recently made the decision to move on. Mighk Wilson, one of the best minds in the bicycle/pedestrian world (and by “world” I do mean internationally), has resigned from FBA’s board to take the helm of the newly formed American Bicycling Education Association ( which is also the new home of CyclingSavvy (, a bike education program I consider the best out there that was born from the FBA. Also, Executive Director Tim Bustos, a good friend and true professional who FBA was fortunate to have as its leader for three years, has retired. But this isn’t a mass abandonment of FBA. Rather, it was coincidental that it was time for each of us to move on. Look for Becky Afonso, the new executive director who’s also a good friend and a longtime bike professional who ran Bike Florida and has a hand in many other major bike events, to take the organization to another level with fresh ideas and new energy. Laura Hallam, a former FBA executive director will stay on as operations director, a role she loves and excels at.
Why will Becky’s fresh ideas and new energy be necessary? It’s no secret that we have a major problem throughout the state because there appears to be little political will to provide a better, safer environment for non-motorized users of our roads, as is evidenced by the fact that we’ve had the worst bike/ped safety record in the U.S. for decades. Ironically, in a state where weather, terrain and natural environment are so bike-friendly, too many political and business leaders continue to miss the opportunity to capitalize on this fact, thereby doing a major disservice to both residents and tourists alike. The state’s economy suffers because of this, but that aspect of inaction and counterproductive decisions pales in comparison to the lives lost and forever ruined. FBA is one of the only organizations fighting this ongoing battle and will continue to do so long after the departure of Mighk, Tim and me. I’m confident that Becky, Laura and the board of directors will do just that. And I’ll remain FBA’s ambassador in Southwest Florida, as can you by joining us at
In my last column about Cape Coral Hospital’s Pathways Project I used the wrong email address for Cristin Collins from Lee Memorial’s Foundation. To contact Cristin you can reach her at or 343-6062.
Advocacy update
Road Safety Audits focusing on pedestrians and cyclists are taking place around Lee County. Results and recommendations are in for some and being worked on for others. Pine Island Rd, U.S. 41, and Colonial Boulevard are among those included in these intensive studies. Check BikeWalkLee’s blog ( for reports and updates on these and other bike/ped matters.
Until next time, I’ll look for you on the roads and pathways.
Dan Moser is a long- time bicycle/ pedestrian advocate and traffic safety professional who cycles, runs and walks regularly for transportation, recreation and fitness. He can be contacted at and 334- 6417.
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