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Record traffic fatalities in Lee County--24 deaths in 2 months and 50 percent are vulnerable road users!

location of 24 traffic fatalities in Lee Co., Jan. & Feb. 2013

The March 3rd News-Press front page feature article highlights the 2nd of two very deadly months on Lee County roads.  There have been 24 traffic fatalities in 2 months, with 12 being vulnerable road users--6 pedestrians, 3 bicyclists, and 3 motorcyclists--50% of all traffic deaths.  The article quotes from FHP & SAJD/Jay Anderson are excellent and helpful in getting the word out to the public that distracted driving is a problem, everyone needs to slow down, pay attention, and follow the rules of the road. The article includes an excellent interactive map of all the crashes, with details on each crash.  

Below are excerpts from the 3/3/13 News-Press article by Marisa Kendall: 

If people continue dying on Lee County roads at the rate they have been, this year will be much more deadly than last.

The News-Press research shows there have been 23 fatal crashes in Lee County this year, and 24 victims. Two of the deaths included unborn babies. The county saw 65 deaths last year, according to Jay Anderson, executive director of Stay Alive...Just Drive!.....

Lt. Gregory Bueno, of the Florida Highway Patrol, said most crashes are caused by driver error, and many driver errors are caused by distracted drivers. Violation of right of way and careless driving are some of the most common charges, he said.

“If everybody slows down,” Bueno said, “leaves for their destinations early, eliminates distractions in their cars, I think we would see the number of crashes and fatals reduced in our area.”
Bueno said distractions include everything from a cell phone to an earlier argument the driver is thinking about......

 Stay Alive...Just Drive’s Anderson said the influx of motorists that come with tourist and snowbird season make the roads more dangerous.“I think based on the fact that there are actually more people on the road and more vehicle miles traveled,” he said, “ultimately, this is the price we pay for poor driving behavior.”....

Click here to view News-Press photo gallery of Jan.-Feb. crashes.

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