Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Lee County's online Horizon 2035 "Town Hall" adds transportation element for public comment

This week the transportation element was added to the online "Town Hall" interactive website for public comment.  It's up to YOU to become part of this exciting interactive community conversation!

New Horizon 2035
A new vision of Lee County in 2035 - an economically and environmentally desirable place to live, work and visit - was crafted through an extensive community planning effort that included over 40 public workshops. Now, it’s time to revise Lee County’s growth management plans to bring that vision of a Livable Lee to reality. The most important changes to the Lee Plan are highlighted here. Will they get us to our vision? Here’s your chance for a final “thumbs up” – or a last-minute tweak of the elements as we present them over the next few months.

Walking, Riding & Rolling: Transportation ElementWalking, Riding and Rolling: Transportation Element
Oct 30 - Dec 27, 2012   INSTANT POLL

More Info:
Read the Livable Lee Vision Statement
Position Paper
Read the complete draft element
Evaluation and Appraisal Report (EAR)
The transportation element describes the way we build the facilities where we walk, bike, ride the bus, drive, and fly. It encourages a safe and convenient transportation system to connect people to their destinations. Transportation decisions consider livability, community character and sustainability in addition to traffic management. 

We meet our daily needs using some form of transportation. Many people in Lee County depend on traveling by car. Lee County forecasts that there is a $2 billion shortfall if we continue to use highway projects as an attempt to build our way out of congestion. A balanced transportation system can happen only when walking, riding a bicycle, or riding a bus is just as safe and convenient as driving a car to meet daily needs. The transportation system affects the economy, the environment, housing, health, well-being, livability, walkability, and design of the community. Transportation facilities are also Lee County’s biggest source of air pollution. Limited resources present us with choices and a challenge to make the best use of what we have.

The transportation element identifies changes in policies that define how we prioritize and spend taxpayer money to shift from depending only on cars to a more balanced transportation system with more choices. It proposes changes in how we permit and regulate development, parking, and street design, all based on the surrounding area. The element includes motor vehicles, transit, walking, and bicycling with an emphasis on safety for all users. The element supports reducing pollution and energy use by changes in the way we travel and by use of new technologies.

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Click here to read BikeWalkLee's overview comments on the transportation element.

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