Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Comp Plan update review process continues, with current focus on transportation policies

County staff and its committees continue to work through the elements of the Comp Plan Horizon 2035 update, with the current focus on the transportation element and upcoming focus on the land use element.  This post reports on the recent LPA review of the transportation element and public comment, highlights the "Town Hall" online tool for participating in the review of draft elements, and provides an updated schedule of the review process.

Report from 12/10/12 LPA review of draft transportation element
As a follow-up to the 11/26 LPA meeting where they began discussions of the transportation element, the Dec. 10th LPA meeting focused exclusively on transportation issues.  The public comment period was reopened and members of the public, representing groups such as the Estero Council of Community Leaders, community planning panels from Palm Beach, Alva, and Bayshore, the Department of Health, BikeWalkLee, the MPO staff, the County's Community Sustainability Committee, environmental groups, and others, spoke about the impact of transportation policies on their communities, raised issues of particular concern, and spoke in support of a more balanced multi-modal transportation system that supported the community's goals.  By the end of the meeting, there was a consensus among LPA members, the Lee County staff, MPO staff, and the participating groups about the county's new direction and next steps.  The staff will revise the draft to reflect the various comments received and the consensus about future directions articulated at the meeting.  A revised draft will be brought back to the LPA for review.

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Online "Town Hall" Opportunity
If you missed this opportunity to participate in the conversation, you have another opportunity!  Last week the transportation element was added to the online "Town Hall" interactive website for public comment.  It's up to YOU to become part of this exciting interactive community conversation! Click here to read the earlier blog post about how to join the conversation.

Updated Comp Plan review schedule
The land use element is the next major part of the Comp Plan to be reviewed.  The draft element will be reviewed first by the CSAC at its Jan. 16th meeting (Wed. 6 p.m.); and the LPA at its Jan. 28th meeting (Monday 8:30 a.m.).  Check the County's website in early Jan. to access the land use element when it is posted. 

In addition, the County Commissioners will hold a workshop on Wed., Jan. 16th (9 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.) to receive an overview by the staff about the Horizon 2035 Comp Plan update, where we've been, where we are, and where we're going. The workshop will highlight new big policy changes and their implications.  The current plan is for a BoCC transmittal hearing in April, with final adoption schedule for the Fall of 2013.

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