Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Lee County's Community Sustainability Committee recommendations on draft transportation element

 The County's Community Sustainability Advisory Committee (CSAC) is reviewing each of the draft elements of the Lee Plan amendments and making recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners.  At last week's meeting on November 28th, they reviewed the transportation element, and adopted the attached recommendations

The CSAC's Horizon 2035 working group and the complete streets working group jointly reviewed the transportation element and noted that the draft element is significantly changed and improved from the current Transportation Element.  There are many new policies that will  go a long way towards integrating a complete streets approach in the way the county will do business in the future. 

The joint working group developed a series of comments and recommendations on the detailed element, which were adopted by the full committee. These recommended word changes and additions were intended to strength and clarify the element on issues such as accessibility, "fix it first" approach, street grid network, parking requirements, life cycle costs, CIP project process, etc.  

The second part of the recommendations package was to rescind transportation concurrency now, as recommended by staff; delete automobile and proposed multi-modal Level of Service (LOS) and replace it with goals for the LOS replacement tool, with the actual tool to be developed and incorporated in the Land Development Code (LDC); outline a joint County-MPO collaborative process for developing transportation performance measures and a mobility plan and fee system (to be incorporated into 2040 Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) (by 2015); and amend the County's LDC subsequent to the LRTP adoption to reflect additional changes to the LOS replacement tool and implement the mobility fee.

The Committee thanked Andy Getch and the entire interdepartmental team that collaborated on the development of the transportation element. 

The public has an opportunity to comment on the transportation element through Lee County's "Town Hall" interactive online tool.  Click here.

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