Friday, April 20, 2012

Lee County's Community Sustainability Advisory Committee (CSAC) makes recommendations on Transportation Capital Improvement Projects (CIP)

One of the key actions in Lee County's implementation of its 2009 Complete Streets Resolution was to develop a revised transportation planning and budgeting process in 2011.  This year is the first time that the new approach has been used to develop the 5-year transportation funding plan, called the CIP.  The revised process is intended to support sustainable multi-modal transportation, using a collaborative approach internally and involving public input in the early stages.  As part of this new process, the CSAC reviewed the draft transportation CIP prior to its presentation to the Board of County Commissioners.

At the April 18th CSAC meeting, the committee made numerous recommendations, based on analysis and suggestions by the committee's complete streets working group, which will be communicated to the Board.  These recommendations reflect some fundamental changes in the core assumptions about transportation and land use planning.  Click here to review the committee's recommendations.

The BoCC will review the draft CIP in the next few months and then take final action in September, prior to the beginning of the new program year, starting October 1st.

Kudos to the Complete Streets Internal Performance Team for their hard work on this collaborative effort and the progress being made in implementing complete streets through the revised transportation planning and budget process.

Report by Darla Letourneau

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