Friday, March 16, 2012

News-Press Editorial: Fix JetBlue Park public bus needs

News-Press had a story yesterday and editorial today highlighting the need for public transportation to the new JetBlue Park.  While the article focuses on transit, there is also a need to provide adequate facilities for bicycle parking.  Most importantly, both stadiums and the county need to pro-actively encourage people to take public transportation to the games.  We look forward to being part of a planning effort to ensure that public transportation is an integral part of next year's baseball season!

News-Press editorial 3/16/12

Lack of public transportation to the county’s new JetBlue Park was a major planning oversight.

Not too many people are saying otherwise. But given the needs of disabled or elderly baseball fans eager to see a game at the $78 million facility built with public money for the Boston Red Sox, or people who just wish to use public transportation for any of several good reasons, waiting years to remedy that oversight is unacceptable.

A new bus route including JetBlue is 36th on the list of LeeTran’s unfinished priorities. There are worthy projects ahead of the new route, but the route should have been included in planning for the stadium in the first place. Commissioners need to find a way to move the project up, or otherwise find a way to provide cheap transport.

It was encouraging to hear Commissioner Ray Judah say, “There’s no question something will be in place by next year.”

Urge commissioners to make good on that, and to be sure that disabled people are included when projects are planned.

See the 3/15/12 related story:

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