Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Angie Ferguson column: Cyclist are using road because law allows it

Today's Angie Ferguson Fitness column in the News-Press, she uses her recent cycling experience (while wearing her new "3 feet please" jersey!) to explain to News-Press readers about the cyclists rights on the road under the law. Thanks, Angie!

News-Press 10/18/11

This past weekend I was riding along on the right third of my lane, obeying the traffic laws and wearing my new favorite "3 feet please" jersey, when a concerned citizen with out-of-state tags yelled to me (and not in the supportive, cheering way), "That's why there are sidewalks."

Instead of being angry or annoyed, I refuse to adopt an us-versus-them mentality (cyclists versus cars) because we always lose. Rather, I think this is an ideal time with the onset of season to review the traffic laws, educate drivers of both vehicular and two-wheeled traffic alike and hopefully make our roads a safer place all around.

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