Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cape Coral Bus Stop Safety

The second informational meeting on re-location of school bus stops was held last Saturday, August 20, at Northwest Regional Library in Cape Coral. Parents with specific concerns met individually with Lee School District Transportation Director Robert Morgan. The meeting was moderated by Councilman Kevin McGrail who's involvement began some months ago in response to safety issues raised by parents who emailed him. School District Superintendent Joseph Burke attended the meeting and emphasized that safety of students is the number one goal and efforts will continue to make sure that bus stops can be safely accessed by students.

McGrail and School District staff and others are working with the Lee County Electric Cooperative to find ways to add streetlights to the approximately 400 of 800 bus stops in Cape Coral that currently are not adequately lighted. The District's goal is to create a system of semi-permanent bus stops in safe locations where students will board their bus. The practice of buses traveling deep into neighborhood streets to provide "at-the-door" service began when there were many fewer students, but it was never required by District policy. Last year there were over 1900 school bus stops in Cape Coral. This increased the time students spent on the bus and added substantial costs to operate the system. At the start of this school year McGrail said the number of bus stops is about 875.


Steve Chupack

Cape Coral Representative


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