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BikeWalkLee's 2016-17 Priorities

As BikeWalkLee issues its 2015 Annual Report, it is also identifying its top priority list for local, regional and state governments and agencies over the next two years, 2016-17. BikeWalkLee's priorities focus on "stepping up our game" by ensuring that the adopted complete streets policies and plans (bike/ped master plans and bike/ped safety action plans) are fully implemented; that bike/ped infrastructure investments are increased by all jurisdictions, and that investments already made, such as the $10 million federal TIGER grant Complete Streets Initiative Project (to be completed by the end of 2016), leverage more improvements countywide; and that mechanisms (e.g. performance measures with targets) have been put in place to measure our progress into the future. We also continue our focus on safety, with expectations for the various stakeholders and officials.

Our vision is that by the end of 2017, the promise of complete streets is actually delivered and visible on the ground, and achieving the intended results of improved access, connectivity, safety, and inspiring more people of all age, income groups, and fitness levels to walk, bike, and take transit. Complete streets is an integral part of achieving the community's larger goals of quality of life, economic vibrancy, and a sustainable future.

The following are BikeWalk Lee's 2016-2017 five priority goals and expectations:

Implement Complete Streets Policies
  • FDOT fully implements its Complete Streets Implementation Plan by end 2017, maximizing the involvement of local governments and all stakeholders to achieve the greatest impact of their policy and practice changes throughout Florida. Local jurisdictions/agencies elect to adopt the new FDOT Complete Streets design, policy, and procedures into their own procedures and practices.
  • Local communities that have adopted complete streets policies (Lee County, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, and Cape Coral) revise their Comp Plans, Land Development Codes, Administrative Codes, and agency policies and practices in 2016-2017 to implement their complete streets policies, making it an integral part of the way they do business.
  • In 2018, BikeWalkLee will issue a report card on the status of complete streets implementation throughout Lee County.

Implement Bike/Ped Master Plans and Safety Action Plan
  •  Lee MPO oversees implementation by all stakeholders of the updated countywide bike/ped master plan recommendations and the 2013 countywide bike/ped safety action plan.
  • Lee MPO establishes performance measures and targets for key goals in both plans; and tracks and reports to the MPO Board on performance results.
  • Local jurisdictions with existing master plans (Fort Myers and Sanibel) track implementation of their plans and update them, as needed. Local jurisdictions that are in process of developing master plans (Cape Coral, Bonita Springs, Fort Myers Beach) complete their plans and move to implementation during 2016-17. Estero (the newest municipality) undertakes the development of a master plan in 2016-17.
  • In 2018, MPO staff and the BPCC reports to the MPO Board on implementation of both plans (Master Plan and BPSAP) by all jurisdictions and agencies responsible for report recommendations.
Increase Investments in Bike/Ped Infrastructure Projects
  •  In the FY 2017 and FY 2018 budget cycles, local jurisdictions and agencies develop 5-year transportation CIPs and Transportation Investment Plans (TIP for MPO) that increase their investment in bike/ped infrastructure projects (stand-alone projects), consistent with their Master Plans and/or recommendations by their bike/ped advisory committees. Increases are both in terms of the absolute dollar amounts and their share of the total CIP/TIP budget.
  •  In 2018, BWL issues a report card analyzing the increased bike/ped investments by all jurisdictions and agencies since 2014.
Implement and Leverage TIGER Grant Complete Streets Initiative Project
  • Lee MPO completes construction of TIGER project by the Jan. 2017 deadline, consistent with project goals (improving access, connectivity, safety, and promoting economic benefits and bike tourism); incorporating innovative features as opportunities arise; and with the active participation of all stakeholders.
  • Lee MPO's BPCC recently established working group on wayfinding completes it work in early 2017, linked to the completion of the TIGER project so that the new TIGER project path segments are integrated into the existing signage and maps in the area (Tour de Parks Loop and University Loop) for an improved and integrated wayfinding system when the TIGER project is opened to the public. The wayfinding working group also identifies opportunities for wayfinding coordination and consistency countywide.
  •  Local jurisdictions and agencies build on the federal TIGER investment to accelerate filling the gaps in the countywide bike/ped system so that more connections can be made, improving access and encouraging more people to bike and walk.
Improve Safety
  • Lee MPO Board sets goals and annual numerical targets for reducing bike/ped fatalities and serious injuries and measures progress against targets, as called for in 2013 Safety Action Plan.
  • Local law enforcement, media, local governments, and other stakeholder agencies implement an effective and coordinated countywide enforcement and education campaign.
  • Lee State Legislative delegation supports FDOT bike/ped safety and complete streets initiatives.
  •  Lee State Legislative delegation supports legislation to strengthen distracted driving laws and improve vulnerable users safety.
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