Friday, October 16, 2015

Participate in BikeWalkLee's on-air Oct. 19th WGCU Community Campaign

BikeWalkLee's Cindy Banyai will be on-air during the popular "All Things Considered" WGCU/NPR program, starting at 4 p.m. on Monday Oct. 19th.  This would be a great time to call in with your WGCU pledge and select "Streets Alive of Lee County, Inc. and BikeWalkLee" as the organization to receive free radio spots. Our radio spots will promote bike/ped safety and encourage more residents to bike and walk. You can go online NOW to participate, or better yet, call 1-800-533-9428 on Monday.  Help spread the word to your colleagues, family, and friends!

When organizations work together through teamwork and collaboration, exceptional things happen.  This is one of the reasons Streets Alive of Lee County, Inc. and BikeWalkLee, along with 60 other nonprofit friends in the region have partnered with WGCU Public Media for their October Community Campaign Radio Pledge Drive.   Last year we participated in this pledge drive, and loved the opportunity to talk on air about our mission and local efforts to make our communities more bicycle and pedestrian friendly.  You may have also heard some of our radio spots promoting BikeWalkLee's complete streets mission.  This year, WGCU has made it even easier for you to help us receive free radio spots!

If you’re unfamiliar, a couple times a year WGCU turns to the community to raise the necessary funds to keep public radio programming on the air.  These “pledge drives” are critical to WGCU’s operations and thousands of people from our region donate money.

Cindy Banyai at Royal Palm Classic BWL booth
Here’s the fun part! On Monday Oct. 19th from 4 p.m.  until 5 p.m.  BikeWalkLee's Dr. Cindy Banyai will be live on air on WGCU FM, raising funds for Southwest Florida’s award-winning public radio station.  In return, WGCU has offered us free radio promos that we can use to promote our events and our mission throughout the next year. 

You can help us receive these free radio spots!

Just call in (1-800-533-9428) anytime during the pledge campaign (October 17-23) and make a pledge of any dollar amount. Once we’ve raised $1000 for WGCU, Streets Alive, Inc. and BikeWalkLee will receive 28 radio spots!  The more we raise, the more spots we earn! Your gift will support our local treasure, WGCU Public Radio, and at the same time provide us with valuable marketing opportunities that we might otherwise not be able to afford. 

WGCU-FM can be found at 90.1 on the FM Dial (91.7 FM on Marco Island), is streamed live on, or can be accessed through the WGCU mobile app.  You can make your pledge of support by calling 1-800-533-9428 or by pledging online at  Just make sure that you select "Streets Alive Lee County, Inc. and BikeWalkLee" as the nonprofit you want to support with free radio promos on the scroll down menu labeled "Click for the Non-profit List" (it's in alphabetical order and we're 4th from the last) . 

Tune in, make a pledge, and we'd love to thank you live on the air.  Tied up on Oct. 19th? or just can't wait to participate?  Click here to make an online pledge.  Just scroll down the "non-profit list" and Check the box: "Streets Alive Lee County, Inc. and BikeWalkLee".  Thank you!

 Streets Alive Lee County, Inc. and BikeWalkLee are honored to partner with the WGCU "Your Community" Pledge Drive.

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