Sunday, April 14, 2013

Lee County Commission is recruiting its next County Manager and your assistance needed

 The Lee BoCC is recruiting for a County Manager and applications are due May 13th, with selection to be completed by the end of June. It is critical that the person selected for this important position has the vision and proven experience to meet the serious challenges facing Lee County.  BWL encourages the Board to conduct a national search for a proven leader who can lead a transformative organizational change effort, which is what is needed if the new vision for the County--a vibrant, livable, sustainable community with an integrated land use and transportation  vision--(as articulated in EAR of the Horizon 2035 Plan) is to be successfully implemented.

If you know leaders in other communities that would be good candidates, encourage them to apply.  If you have questions or issues you want to be considered as part of the interview process, the county has provided an online mechanism to participate.  Click here.  As this process moves forward, let County Commissioners know how important this decision is for the future of Lee County.

The County's website also includes the recruitment flyer, with the qualifications excerpted below:

"The  County  is  seeking  a  decisive,  professional  manager  who  is approachable, articulate, ethical, and dedicated to providing public services.  The  ideal  candidate  will  be  a  confident  leader  who  has  a proven  record  of  being 
results-oriented,  who  will  set  a  course  of action  with  clearly  defined  expectations  and  hold  staff  accountable.  A team-oriented manager who values and empowers staff and is fair, consistent  and  equitable  to  all  employees  is  needed.  Establishing  trust  and demonstrating  integrity  and  transparency  with  the  Board,  staff  and  the community is essential. A willingness to look at new approaches and inno-
vative  solutions  to  improve  operations  and  services  will  be  needed.  The selected 
candidate  will  have  exceptional  communication  skills  to  include listening and disseminating information effectively throughout the organization. The ability
 to connect with the workforce and involvement in the community is important."

"Requirements for the position include a Bachelor’s degree with an emphasis in Public or Business Administration, Economics, Finance or a related field; a Master’s degree  is  preferred.  Candidates  should  have  at  least  seven  years  of  progressively  responsible  senior  level  management  experience  in  public  or  business administration, preferably within local government as a City/County Manager or Assistant  City/County  Manager  with  agencies  of  similar  size  and  complexities. Private sector experience is valued and direct experience related to performance management,  benchmarking,  strategic  planning,  as  well  as  intergovernmental and  public/private  partnerships  is  a  plus.  Solid  financial  and  budgetary  skills  is  a must. Residency within the County is required."

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