Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Harvey Software Delivers Sustained Support for Bicycle Safety with Community 3FeetPlease Campaign

Harvey Software Press Release
Tuesday, November 29, 2011

FORT MYERS, FL — November 29, 2011 — Today, Harvey Software, Inc. shared an update of its ongoing community effort to promote motorists’ awareness of bicycles. The developer and distributor of popular multi-carrier shipping software, headquartered in Fort Myers, FL, continues its mission to improve bicycle safety in a state with a year-round biking season. Recently, Harvey Software’s CEO was acknowledged in a meeting of the Board of Lee County (FL) Commissioners for the company’s efforts to purchase and distribute over 500 “3 Feet Please” stickers to be placed on official Lee County government vehicles and LeeTran public buses. The bright yellow stickers visually promote a safe distance between motorists and cyclists. Harvey Software hopes the awareness will reduce future accidents involving bicycles and motor vehicles.

“Southwest Florida is a wonderful place to bike, with ample facilities, great weather, and beautiful scenery. The goal is to improve safety for area cyclists and make the area even more attractive to bikers. We wanted a visual signal to motorists alerting them to increased caution necessary around a bicycle,” said Bert Hamilton, CEO of Harvey Software, headquartered in Fort Myers, FL. “The moment I saw these T-shirts and jerseys I knew that they would send a very hard to miss signal to drivers! The message is clear—a minimum three foot distance between car and bicycle, at all times. With this simple rule of thumb, bicycles and automobiles can share the road safely for the benefit of all,” continued Mr. Hamilton. “By distributing this message to as many as possible, we hope we can reduce the number of accidents in this area and raise awareness between cyclists and drivers. Our county government is taking an active role in supporting this program, far past simply recognizing the effort. Soon, county vehicles and buses in Lee county will have a ‘3FeetPlease’ sticker, reminding motorists of the concept even when cyclists are not around,” explained Mr. Hamilton.

As of this release, over 400 bumper stickers have been distributed and the remainder should be in place by the end of this year. For further information regarding the 3FeetPlease effort and bicycling in Southwest Florida, please visit their website.

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