Monday, November 28, 2011

Caloosa Riders Say Better Riding in Buckingham

Written by: Steve Rodgers
Edited by: Cindy Banyai

Buckingham Road has finally been resurfaced from Neal Road to Gunnery and the results are very pleasing for bicyclists and motorists alike.  The shoulders are smooth and easy to ride at any speed, keeping bicyclists out of the roadway so cars can pass without any delay.

Specifically for the Caloosa Riders, who ride out of Buckingham Park every Saturday morning, the ride last week started East on Buckingham to Sunset, and another finished from Sunset to the Park.  The repaving has even extended onto Sunset and Alvin about 20 feet or so, which has eliminated numerous pot holes and bad surfaces making the transitions onto these side streets much easier to navigate.

Lots of "high fives" from the Caloosa Riders. I'm sure the bicyclists and motorists that use this road on a regular basis are happy too.  Long time in coming, but the results are terrific!

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