Saturday, July 10, 2010

Fit Friendly Lee Strategy kick-off

The national obesity epidemic is receiving lots of attention. The forces that create this epidemic are many and varied and include personal lifestyle choices, community planning, and societal expectations. The fight against obesity will require a strong community effort.

Last year, Lee County Health Department applied for a federal grant to fund a comprehensive, community based effort to promote physical activity and good nutrition, in the effort to create a community action plan. Unfortunately, Lee County's grant application was not funded. Rather than be discouraged by the lack of funding, our community leaders are organizing to move forward on a community effort.

On July 7th, Jim Nathan, President of Lee Memorial Health System and Dr. Judith Hartner, Lee County Health Department, hosted a meeting with community leaders about a community action plan to reduce the prevalence of obesity and overweight in Lee County. The community coalition includes, in addition to the Health Department and LMHS, the American Heart Association, United Way, the Lee County School District, Healthy Start, and BikeWalkLee, as well as others. This focus on promoting increased physical activity through active transportation and use of public transit compliments the mission of BikeWalkLee. Several committees are being set up to develop strategies for implementing the community action plan.

We are looking for people interested in representing BikeWalkLee and being part of two committees. If you'd like to get involved, please contact Dan Moser:

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