Saturday, March 6, 2010

News Press Editorial: Make roads safer for bikes, pedestrians

I urge you to write individually to the members of the Lee County Legislative Delegation urging their action & telling them why it’s important to you. Click here for BikeWalkLee's complete request on 2/22 to the Legislative Delegation: Thanks!

Make roads safer for bikes, pedestrians: Editorial
The News-Press Editorial • • March 6, 2010
It’s past time for Florida — the most dangerous state in the union for pedestrians and bicyclists — to exit the dark ages of road design.
The useful BikeWalkLee organization, which recently persuaded Lee County commissioners to embrace a “complete streets” philosophy, is part of a worthy effort to get the state Legislature to do the same.

Complete streets (and highways) accommodate pedestrians, cyclists and public transit in their design from the beginning, which avoids expensive retrofitting. This makes roads and streets safer for everybody, including motorists. There are also health and tourism benefits from making biking and walking easier, and alternatives to individual vehicles reduce pollution and save resources.
Among other things, the complete streets people want the Legislature to require the state Department of Transportation to actually allocate all its federal safety funds for safety improvements (duh!), and then ensure that pedestrian/bicycle safety improvements receive a share of that money commensurate with the percentage of traffic fatalities made up of cyclists and pedestrians — a whopping 21 percent.
Let lawmakers know you want to make our roads safer, healthier and more inviting for all their many users.

• Sen. Garrett Richter, District 37, 338-2777,
• Sen. Dave Aronberg, District 27, 338-2646,
• Sen. Mike Bennett, District 21, 225-3697,
• Rep. Ken Roberson, House District 71, 941-613-0914,
• Rep. Paige Kreegel, House District 72, 941-575-5820,
• Rep. Nick Thompson, House District 73, 533-2411,
• Rep. Gary Aubuchon, House District 74, 344-4900,
• Rep. Trudi Williams, District 75, 433-6775,
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