Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Buckingham Shoulders & Sanibel Tollbooth biking facility construction to start Feb. 8th

Both the Buckingham bike shoulders project and the Sanibel tollbooth bike improvement project, funded with ARRA (stimulus) funds will finally start construction on Feb. 8th. The Buckingham contractor has 120 days to complete the job but it should be finished in 30-60 days. They will have to take it down to 1 lane and flag traffic for some of the project.

The Sanibel tollbooth project, which also begins on Feb. 8th, has 180 days to be completed, but is likely to take no longer than 4 months. They have to mill & resurface the roadway around the tollbooth. Most of this work will occur at night and there will be signs alerting drivers to the planned night work.

There will be two separate projects on Homestead Rd.--one funded with Energy Dept. stimulus funding ($482 K) and another new one funded with additional Transportation Enhancement dollars (200 K). They will link when completed and they are trying to revise the plans so that they are wider asphalt paths rather than narrow concrete sidewalks. These projects should go out to bid in another month.

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  1. Today's update from LeeDOT: work began on the Sanibel project last week but they are working within the boat ramp area first so no work has been done on the roadway yet. They will start work on Summerlin next week.
    Buckingham road work gets started today. Last week they put up signs and utility locates done, etc.


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