Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Buckingham Shoulders construction deficiencies being corrected

Thanks to BikeWalkLee cyclists who noticed the problems with the Buckingham Rd. shoulders project that had just gotten underway last week. Several cyclists alerted LCDOT that the shoulder pavings were not wide enough and were not smooth, making it dangerous for cyclists. As soon as LCDOT officials were made aware of the situation, they took action and instructed the contractor to mill and repave sections of the shoulder that were out of compliance with the contract. According to LCDOT, once the shoulder work is completed (done with federal stimulus funds), Lee County will overlay the entire roadway (including the shoulders) using their annual resurfacing contract. Thanks to Bert, Jeff, and Steve for effectively raising this with LCDOT, and thanks to Sarah Clarke and Randy Cerchie of LCDOT for taking quick action to resolve the problems.

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  1. Here is the status report on Buckingham shoulders project as of 4/28/10:

    Buckingham Paved Shoulder from SR 82 to Neal Road: The paved shoulders have been constructed but the road is badly rutted so LCDOT is going to resurface using local funds and complete the striping using the remaining stimulus funds. The contractor is getting the resurfacing scheduled; tentative date is the 2nd week of May. The remaining work is expected to take only 3 to 5 days.
    Buckingham Paved Shoulder from Neal Road to Gunnery Rd: LCDOT received additional plans comments from FDOT so there is no approval to bid. Assuming FDOT OKs the plans next round the project would be bid in June; Tentative start date is August/Sept.


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