Tuesday, November 12, 2013

LeeTran service cuts start November 14th--Here's impact by bus route

 If you're a LeeTran rider, Thursday is not a day you're looking forward to.  Starting on Nov. 14th, services will be cut back after 6 p.m. on half the bus routes, thanks to budget cuts by the county commission in September.  Let the County Commissioners know about the real life impact these cuts are having on your life and your ability to get to and from work.  [Below is LeeTran press release, along with links to actual bus route schedules that are posted on their website.  Photos added by BWL.  See BikeWalkLee's September blog post for our letter urging BoCC to reject these transit service cuts.]

Media Contact:
 Joann Haley 533-0323, jhaley@leegov.com
 FORT MYERS, FL – LeeTran will implement services changes on Thursday, Nov. 14 affecting 12 of its 24 routes.

The River District Trolley serving downtown Fort Myers will begin its seasonal service, continuing through April 30, 2014. There is a single route this year, which runs from the Oasis Condominiums at the east end to Virginia Avenue at the west end. The trolleys will also stop at the Rosa Parks Transportation Center and the Butterfly Estates. Hours are Monday through Thursday from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.; Friday and Saturday service continues until 10:45 p.m.

Route 140, which currently operates on U.S. 41 from Merchants Crossing to Coconut Point Mall, will be split into two routes. Starting Thursday, Route 140 will terminate at Bell Tower Mall. A new Route 240 will run from Bell Tower Mall to Coconut Point Mall. On Sundays, Route 140 will continue to serve the entire route.

The frequency of service after 6 p.m. will be reduced on some routes by eliminating one or more trips. Routes affected in this way are:
    • Route 20, Monday-Friday
    • Route 30, Monday-Saturday
    • Route 50, Monday-Saturday
    • Route 70, Monday-Saturday
    • Route 100, Monday-Saturday
    • Route 110, Monday-Friday
    • Route 130, Monday-Friday
    • Route 140, Monday-Sunday
    • Fort Myers Beach Trolley, Monday-Sunday
    • Seasonal Route 50 and Fort Myers Beach trolley service will also be reduced

Route, 40, and 60 will undergo changes to improve operations.
Route 40 will begin to serve North Nicholas High School on weekdays, with resulting schedule changes.
The Route 60 schedule will change to improve connections with Route 240.

Click on the route number to view the new schedule.

Route 20
Route 30
Route 40
Route 50
Route 60
Route 70
Route 100
Route 110
Route 130
Route 140
Route 240
Route 400 (Fort Myers Beach Trolley)

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